Light filters through misty waterfall closeup photo
Sunlight dances on the falls in afternoon misty light. 
Autumn colours in stream with orange leaves and waterfall
Autumn waterfalls are perfect for details of leaves and mini cascades.
Incredible waterfall with spray lighting up behind cascade in Washington
Raw waterfall power with a treacherous viewpoint! It was so worth the scramble...
Lush green spring growth with waterfall flowing through undergrowth

My absolute favourite waterfall. Probably. It was a small perfect beauty in the PNW.

Raw power of multi tiered waterfall crashing down mountainside

This beast of a waterfall was a joy to shoot with light filtering through giant spray

A waterfall detail with water cascading down tiers of rocks

Waterfall cascading after rain

Green gorge with water flowing down walls

Water flowing down the steep walls of a gorge

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