I was born in Sweden to European parents. Our family moved to the UK when I was just three years old and I was educated in England, which is where my passion for photography began whilst studying graphic design. I spent many months in a traditional darkroom learning film exposure and photographic printing, which I incorporated into my graphics as much as possible.
After a spell gaining an art honours degree at De Montfort University, I put down my Pentax K1000 film camera in order to run a graphic design company with my business partner. After a decade of being involved in graphics and marketing my passion for landscape photography crept back and I began to spend more time out exploring nature following my photographic calling. This is around the time I was lucky to meet my wife to be April via instagram ( See here fabulous website here: photochronicle.co). Our shared love of nature, landscape photography and being outdoors lead to an international romance. After three long years of commuting between the US and UK we were married in one of our favourite coastal locations, Pacific City, Oregon! We now live with our beautiful daughter in Sussex where I spend much of my time exploring the beautiful hills and seascapes.
Recent Highlights:
I'm a writer for photography education website: Capture Landscapes​​​​​​​ and writer for Shutter Evolve
In 2020 I had the honour of being a finalist in the Documentary Family Awards, CATEGORY: BIRTH
A permit photographer for the National Trust (view some of my National Trust landscapes here), who sell my images for print as well using them for their marketing purposes.
Cover image 2020 for National Trust 125 Year Anniversary. Read more here.  
2019 admitted to Sony Imaging Pro 
My work can be licensed in the US and UK via my agency, please contact me for licensing info.
Portraits of Nick Dautlich doing his thing as a landscape photographer

Fergus Kennedy captured the fantastic shot of Nick Dautlich shooting waves during a storm in Sussex.

Snow images captured by John Miller

Cape Kiwanda, Crater Lake and Whaleshead Beach captured by the talented April Dautlich.

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